What makes a house a home of a certain nationality?

Is there a box with a list of things that make a house the home of a person with a certain nationality? Do you have to have a vast display of certain items in order for it to be that?

I’ve been thinking of this this past week. One of our long time friends came over and as she was walking out the door, she saw our plaque that says “Aquí vive una familia Puertorriqueña “ - (here lives a Puerto Rican family) to which she whispers under her breath it doesn’t look like it. I should’ve said something, but I was taken a back by the comment. It got me thinking of a lot of things. As a person I’ve never gone into someone’s home and judged it because it doesn’t display the nationality the people in it belong to. I’ve always seen a home as a glimpse into peoples likes and personalities.

Maybe the whole comment comes from closed mindedness and from the same place as many now a days, a box. If it doesn’t fit in it, it doesn’t belong.

Elizabeth Ortiz @_Annie